About Me



My name is Matt Kuhn, and I’m a senior at Brigham Young University studying Information Technology.

I’ve dabbled in many aspects of IT during my college experience, including building Android apps, doing web development, creating my own Linux operating system from scratch,  automating network tasks, working with databases, and many other random things.  However, my main passion and what I’ve chosen to pursue is cyber security. Since I’ve decided on this pursuit, I’ve obtained the CompTIA Network+ and Security+ certifications and am currently studying for the CISSP exam.

I also love the idea of human potential and follow several “life coaches” such as Brendan Burchard and Thomas Frank. When I’m not doing techy stuff or watching motivational videos, I’m usually watching Netflix with my wife, playing Ultimate Frisbee, or sleeping (or eating, for purposes of full disclosure).

With this site, I hope to share what I understand about aspects of cyber security and help those who may have struggled like me to know just where to start with it all.